Thursday, April 20, 2017


Sit on the humanity off planet earth and steep your curiosity in the hem of the equate.  Ask shallow graves, is the religion your prose to avenue you're God as the verse to your status of complaint?  Just be that in the inch of the shovel that drains the mud from your average bank of body method to arm mess of human being thimble.  The nettle of you're thorn.  This is not a discussion of what is the Fire.

A Flame; comprehension of still is the wave of the great fantastic eternal aspect to know of the base.  Now as the location is in the hem of my harp to the travel of just a mind that in that instant can see the plane?  Be query?  Quarrel your morals to principals and Standards; your dismissal as the verb to subject noun, Mankind?  Well, as today is so fought lets just settle on _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ and call it a day, that would fit your end of days and I would agree that the Sun is in explore.

Speak till these words Jam at the Jello of your brain's matter to the pinch of a synapse that would have had the connect to letter.  Just as the charge of electricity is the energy of being you have morbid calendar to gravel at the temperature of Luke warm on the 5:2 thru 8.  Read a proverb and bind that to the fuse and dynamite any genesis, change the garden and apple complaint.

Bite that to the tuck see dough and bake a call to Numbers creeking at 10 in full brim drink.  Dive into Revelations and quarry the slate.  After that go to Rome and be beggars to the Pope in office so that you may repeat the mountain and ball the chain to the link of the fence that you have built to divide _ _ _ _ into puddles and smack.  Deny this and the scanner that I am will just shrug the shoulders of the life in an oracle of prose to chapter only your idiotic sticks as the denial of blank and the Plato of Orion on this ground of what is a stand.  For great Canyon on the Niagara and the Falls of creation to breathe the river as the mist of that is the Boulder.

Each beach to the grain of salt is planned, the clock of infinity on the pulse of each of your heartbeats is the ghost of you in the mirror.  As you tread to this reality or pass to the formal spread of shadows and smell you will in deed gather this collection.  To be of the crisis is just your put to a place to ankle your way!!  That is the common dive of the bar hound that you blur provide to purchase of your speak.  As _ _ _ _ have dove to the water in believing that you may be satisfied you cart the hoarse to your compilation.  There are these dives, the treasury of chart to score your special.

Now for the date to the horizon of hell in the seventh sign.  Firstly you will be shard to stoop and the porch will line you to inkling of pull a card and present your stellar.  Just as you begin to deny this the harbor will resident you a step to the dungeon of your cage.  In that bar of residence you will mine.  Again the crevice of leg to leg will whet with the mouth of your verbal obtuse nature yet on that particular clarinet the inevitable, a spirit with a name.

Shake that with this and today should rival any good borrow of the dye.per that your mouths should have always supplied your chorus of lyrics.  The depth of your digs to shovel on the brain of a _ _ _ _ has caused the only pace that makes a raft the sway that waves chart to an Ocean as the tears of my shed.  The sky in the raise to the clouds of describe I know of the rise to fall a snowflake in the balance of a eye blinking to the count of each pebble that grew to roll to the shore of that lake of a stride.  Teak is more to jade and the dragon a unilateral Unicorn to just say that you sevens have killed to gain.  You have destroyed _ _ _ _ to gather your sweat thigh to thigh, yet we both know it is the spat of you lips in the dipping posture of the rub.