Saturday, August 22, 2015

As waist water is both of entry to the dam, and, the yarn to a drought committed society, the vent is of radical, yet, it may be a practical come.  Nine holes of golf on the course to secure the talent of the game, and, at the proper introduction of the horse to a family involvement, the facts that perk to an event!!  Shed the tow strings to invite a stable caliber of time and learning.  The pleasure of the barn touching the watershed to ground would bring to turf a hand holding theme!!

Scratch the head of states today, the empty vats have steam.  Vapor locked on screens.  Grand laughter on gossip trades that envelope in door of activity to send the bird in ready sailing.  Told buy mores, purchase application on lease to a thought thinking provoke, has society in door and on its rear to hark, only carted shards as points of harnessed.  Branch to label the club to court perhaps the gorge is an idea.

Know theoretical, the virtue to place a primer as shape to good footing for all plates concerned.  Frustration is making the brass polish slip into the ragtime simple.  Burn barrels as brains, minds stilling, quality of communication falling to terms.  Speaking coarse to faxed machine bodies that have screamed to plug the chore to never stating the piece.  Puzzles often riddle yet the picture of pudding seems jello.  At that as a library to food for theologians I am sporting a perked formation to both the use of land and bing!!

The aces on deck that have lugged the shale to earth the Quakers meal`d with foundation of oats; the rye is wheat of corn stile.  Chops are doubled as lamb and pork, the roast production gathers to crowds waking with letters that wave in a seed.  Shall the populations peculator boil all of the growth to faster by fasting the glade?  Is a forest so cut torn that the grove of redwoods has been lost to the speak?  Mash is an extract that makes Mother Earth a drink to taste the solution of how Humanity loves treats.  Without the reins to vice grip a tune, the batter is the silk of a undertows song!!

Windows to the scene is won standard of dread, but it is also the pictures storm to say that work is loving ideas.  To have been graced with the enjoyment of realizing that there are so many artistic persons, has in reality been an incredible phone.  I love the adventure of seeing the art that is presently put forward to muse upon.  I love the imagination that strongs with such production that I often gasp at the work for it is a talent I would have never enjoyed on such a liberal station should the Internet not have introduced the crown.  Like jewels in the Nile river be pheasant with a brilliant Peacocks coat that has shown the world a vibrancy embracing thought and touching a calendar of amazing biding.

To each of the fantastic finds I enjoy the hearts that most definitely scribe pastel through paints of brushings.  The museum of form is mighty to tongue, as silence is usually my awe. I love the feeds.

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