Saturday, August 22, 2015

Thelwell's Prickly Snippet

Act the horse on in event the transition is an up or downward term to the ride.  As the variable is based on experience for most it is the some that are shocked by the raise to posting.  At the sit or just the list, the walk is a for gate beat.  Towards the onward forward of a march in the learn it remains not to be scene but more's.  At that the string is baste to the talk as the witness has been avid on the listening to a world full of people on the Internet froth.

Swells of ocean banks ask not the sand dunes of the style, as I being raised in the city was vivid to the work on/at Ocean Beach.  To that the buzz on the Playland off station was ready slide to gunny sacks on slides.  Touching the avenue walk to a shoulder of carriage it was not the amount of blocks between the locale or destination, rather the scored time interest in the carriage to the location, or, better put in words to day, would be say the tax.  Although tough times rambled these very turkey braes on dazed, it did not negate the fact that teach was of the square top to a foot able to hear.

A tree at the branch of removed is not a stump but the treasure of a Arbor's mile.  Topiary the shape of said is not seemingly the same, however with the Arch of harbors at the forest of humanity it is the Ancient groves of Walls that verse these staffs of strength to understand the bound root. Should the roof of a sealing to sky the dust, the jacket of a zipped steel not consider the land as a sand of shores, than does the beach consider the retaining wall as a cliff or the stand of revealing a stature of holdings.  To gasp at language of tax is not the same flavor on the worth of before the entry to marriage/divorce for that hinge to task was of lunged.  Than at the Scuba of lessons so deep the mask of blend belted into the statute of table manners and spin.

Heads on the stern had skin and marrow of nestles that Confucious would have touched tanked buy the plants that invited to bring cent turkey as the reception of breast sticked.  Yawning is the hiccup, sneeze and learn from the confession of suds that british tack does not accept nor forward door to the situation of graciousness rather slams the stupor`d withheld at bland than out of maze drives shambled informatives to speak at hand.

Venue of corns to tomatoes at canned across the facial splattered ass is and twas the twilight of be grands, from the stair to an acceptance of silence of the lamb`d.  Leg of thorn to cactus spoke of tumbles, a bout that brought pandora's perks to a mist.  Baker beach waltz`d the sees, gossip stuck the bee's and even on the multiplied fax papered the route of denial found mouths to speak vile to match the box of crated bile.

Beacons or light houses, the Harp or the horse, a tee party was more the club of loop to a garden of season on planting beets, cucumbers and lettuce.  Carrots came with the stirrup of the cage that grew character of seed tomatoes.  In the vaults of saying that the baggers were of tremendous clause with a soil that sprouts fertile inches with rows to rise the hosed with spring just to bounce the graph talked.  True core brakes counted the year bakes to rabbit stew as the easter pardon to forth of july extension brought annual clay to hard tack.

The sturdy fried nothing as the bank of mind was of no loss but the collection of type knit.  The braided leather to speak a twitch said to the flocker that sheep are not shale rather sheered for their warmth and that is the detail I will sweat my shirt in.  The clip to skinned came by no mule skinners rail, however the method of lamplighting braced the same structure to demise.

Chalk a sidewalk for the skip skit of hop scotch and know that the pebble was a marker to sentence infrastructures cast of understanding comprehension itself.

For a reference about the above trail ride and courtesy of a memory board at I particle.

breakfast_n_america (my addy)   Posted 09 January 2009 16:53

"Black holes are actually not bottomless or all consuming or quite as intimidating as they may seem. The entire compass of a black hole (compass is actually a good thinking program to encompass for this discussion) is based on the consumption of the remains that surround the original force and/or object that has become lodged in a formidable spot in the actually lining of the space/time/dimensional/quadrant of a quatrain. As a result the incredible vacuum from the pain of the object which is now stuck causes the most violent of courses to take place in the universe. I believe even dark matter bows to the power of this and will back as to not become flipped inside out due to the demands of natural made objects, etc. 

So, in order to regain order, so to speak, you must understand that you have to go into the black hole in order to recover the black hole to the satin back ground of the stars. Basically it is an inside out black head and all you must do is find the seed and once you do you allow your intelligence to follow and understand that what must go in, must come out. This is where we can actually do something or understand something no other being can, because in order to accomplish this feat you must be capable of measuring and calculating everything about the trip down so that as you are literally being pulled back out, by your own that has done all of the data collecting. There is one person who will mirror the trip backwards and return you to yourself at the very moment the entire thing flops up and out of the most incredible stirring event ever witnessed and as you come literally sailing out in your whole form in your hands will be the cured object that was the cause for all of this to begin with. although I was wondering what you would do with that particular thing, lol , you know just in case it got away and caused the entire system to break down again, because its a angry comet, lol"

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