Saturday, August 22, 2015

Raising Mist Teak

The radio shell of airwaves making say the station on the name the show has brought to the factor a seasonal ration nal.  Should the tax upon the cent be of the certain accent than the barter of the microphone would be that ever lens.  In a place of walling, glue the sponge, and, sound proof looming, does the master of the tent perform to only well lean?  Does the information task to open on the sake of porch put to mouth the tuning for the opera or the chew?  Did that in the island realm of a after over sound fork the spoon towards happening, as that is just a booth.

In question of the analogy does see prompt perk the coffee earth or does the turf just get the track of music in the talking rack?  Inside of the instrument of the language solid, does the structure of a word come from what is in the brain or is the simple learn?  At an apron, at the tie, at the fabric of the thread, at the wire on the read does more's begin to spy?  When eyes blinking shade the pupil does the knows enhance the desk of mind?  Do those hands that reason with approach use the cellphone or does the handle know to shake?  A whisper in the feeling of grapes and tanks is that the breeze way is formal to speak.

In the passed of reason store a vernacular of follows, stoop to stick the empty bic or that bathing tub of door knob jig.  At once the linen closet formed a swinging learn to performance, I lived these active paths where the daisy floods wore shore shoes and the clothing was my skin.  The base sent wigged a traveling show with caterers to the under lug, this was a concrete term.  Yet now a days the metric weighs on measures and the gossip traits to move the bowel along, more like cod liver oil in the sugars strong.

Touching class of my mothers lass to glory Aunt Laura's farm at done, for on the flowers of the cactus the entire been of rein became the letter of the do.  Working in and on the spills to know that crops are seeded, that is the hands receipt to invitation bleeded of the write to believe in basic land as sod.  The massive under blade of scene to saying that the streaming is a binder of a bean, makes knowing that the morning is as pleasant as the cream.  For a cup of wisdom is the news that brought to latch the deep wise a comprehending of the burial, the look-up brought the reality as vista, to view the entire subject, as Matter!!

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