Sunday, January 31, 2016

What Horse Dew Ewe Ha Bull Should The Saddle Bee Cinch Too Language Of Classic Aye Have Had, E!^Fish^In`T^See??

Traveling the E:^Smoking' have It and Know that Each Its Every on the Signal darn Kepts,
trans Fir to trees on the Eventers that pause to be Saddled for English words Talk in loads??,
hour that Preview??,
chase down the up??,
hills on the Mountain and quick It a bust,
with Meet on the Bill Board to Wave on this Strongs,
google is balance scene this spook to know Test??,
or is the Screen test??,
does Dressage show The Jump purrs??,
did the Sec. tick pulse to lung Pump pea EAN Read??,
or is the Rally of Brian at Pass owe Row bless As park drove it stead??,
music is Tunes??,
car is a spill,
put It to Gather the Crop is (A) bat??

What Is a Role^back on The Spin to eh Sliding Stop on the bare Ole of the Rat shin off Radio??,
the balance of the Jumper on the stride Down to landing the Correct turn to understand half-Halt to Rein,
as back in Up to Foot Ean is the Price of the Haunch to the Hawk as the long stretch is Yoga??,
no the performance owe ill's rub Burr Burr to Oop's??,
No that the Circle to the Pen is dressage of the Jump off??,
Know that the Learn and the leans to that Trainer of say Bow is of the arena on a Three-day E! Vent Tour??.

What is the Cutter on the Western ride Dure to the Persons raising the Bar,
is the Standard fence touching Pole to role or is the Fence the Oxer jump Ping the fly on a Won stride??,
did the roads And Tracks condition the Men toll or Provide the Ton knoll the Mount of the vain??,
shall the driver be dog EAN and the Word spoke Jay ole Whom is the Pimms??,
bricks Ore reign??.

Choice is Decision or is it dee Side to bank the Games to the Providents blurred stay??,
change the Charge price the Toll at talk is the evident A Glass of Sham pain??,
as the Cheers!! to the Ring on the Sing in the Symbols why is the fill Re-Lie-Hint on that bowel,
'cause deep in the gut the Stomach did Tums??,
dye jest chin for stick and the money From dill??.

Sync to this the turns and the Key as what is the Watts on Pea gee & E!,
round to that Not fount^an and put to this Pick,
the Worth of the Words are the Works of the Study!!

Whats A Year^Lean??,
whats a bit??,
whats a Saddle on a Trip??,
whats the girth??,
hows the cinch in the Web of the Burr burr of Applaud a Bull while Haul^Tid??

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