Sunday, January 31, 2016

Not Hoover Same Clue Now The Question Begs the Same Exact Place To Arm At Wrist of Forehead While Its Farm, What's A Fam^In??

Should the dial of the leak spelling on the ream be of the booked in long song of the fleece,
is the wool of the sweater the sweats or now off browse to counter what is the pay len of the goes??,
should the speech that was Written said and spoke of gift tin did the Men believe of speeches??,
verbal bark to clothes at stark those reflectors like In pi lawns the mow beal of a Joke??,
nigh the sigh dure drink a glass of lid blink to bring in the Envelope with Wax and Sealed broke.

Trust the barrel of the Whoa ask Not the swell its given Now at that Clock spell the sock,
to punch the Period with a clause While Pause is of the character claws is Nail rib or bitten??,
does the shock of Stage to cock the Rooster or the Hen`d??,
due Eggs of scramble Puzzle back to Scrabble bowl before the After at the whip of sit Ten??.

Troops of gavel Greats of Past chance this barn to Stable drive^in,
pronounce each Every as the marble was the Flag of Ancient Tug^In,
to store the Oh^Shin of the Owe^Shun is the put to Swamp eh Cooler or the hose??,
is that Sweet Jacuzzi dry to Know that each Rooms a bool that cracks to See Meant live Inn??.

Well is what to built for Staff the water Waist or Bach??,
did Show Pan lyrics to Shakes Pier line as the Mozart wrote with Charm??,
Meaning course of Lance ole Lot gave to grit the Clam,
a muscle Heart the brain Is mind at Skull when Not the Cross bones,
shoulder Thigh knee And aye is of this breadth to Bee the Pest??,
say to Self that grace is crest And shields are the Chest of Lest!!.

Mark truth to Bell the Statue tells for Wares are Liberty butter rings,
that split on Noise is settled Bell where did the Trial speak to Lyre??,
string this Word to might the Pear as apples Grapes and saddles dare??,
no that is the girth to Men with knowing of the National Media Boards that Channel Commercial simples Pen,
ink to Cinch??,
bridles & Lifts??,
tax E! pads with Seats and lits??,
lightening Thunder count the Match as in the blow Jobs are Baits??,
no the pebble said to shale as the Wall Street banked the jam,
stick Key scout??,
rinse and Clout??,
no its the fact that Faxing is a lost Art is now the big Bend boar Ore!!

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