Saturday, January 30, 2016

What's A Flash Bulb With A Set That Commercials Have Advertised Ask The In Nur Gee Bun Knee Or Dure A Cell??

E Cigarettes Have Now been Reported To Have blown A Persons Face to the Lip in Real A tee,
for the done I apologize,
for the Country I State take It off The shelf Of each And Every Manufactured store to Ben knee's,
the cost of Venue to that start Toll is Price fixed.

This hour is the Minute Timer to What, E! Edition Knoll on the Plop??,
that Cause to At festival As Warner Hots??,
the Games of the Bored??,
that Avenue of Fixtured??,
the Money??,
pennies for Wall Street to dictation of the See dee Sea of the F dee Eh??.

What is it that Piece buy Piece have put Owe ill to the Crowd,
is the Mar Owe to Plan It banks of Sharp Notes to discussion of Because??,
as the World spins to Glow bowl rust Wares over to the Plaster to Pair US with dumb??.

Did the reports of the base go Not Reported for that is the Link??,
or is it such a Deal that the dial lean said that its sum Typed tremble??,
Basic Cleft to Organ play Yen ying on Yang to RIP for the bust??,
whys are not Not the Know of AC know Ledge,
the previous to the Scene is not 20/20 for Vain??.

Heavy Har More Tons that stick Steers to be Cattle,
sheep with Wool that still Cloth to Make-Up,
that Masque Care uh??,
the browser??,
text Times Moth??,
but Tour flied to the Eagle as the bird is Duc duck Goose swan and a Moose??.

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