Saturday, January 30, 2016

Why Does PG&E Put An Owe Dure In Their Lines Forwarding That Thought To The Match Or The Dot??

Bill Maher spoke of a leak in the Talls,
that is the Waist water on the Dines??,
that Air wave of At during the Once??,
no Bill Maher said its pouring Jay lawns,
the deep Seep is on the Of In & Beep.

Chance this with the Understanding Pro^Pane,
the Advance to the Note dish,
cream on the pie long to divide the it is not good,
as inside of The Tank of the gas Station,
think BBQ at the Actual Pet Troll!!

Should the Pump not be Electric & Nigh Eclectic does the words Matter??,
did the la Brae tar Pits dark the Fossil of passing Steam to leave Evidence??,
shall the Tunnel sync echo for the Big Bang on just a light??,
is the Temperature of earth^Quake curr??,
sheep on the Lam??,
digits to dial??,
# Sign + Equals > than > than > Bolt light Kneeing??.

Would the Standard shell Company couch or Sew fa to the La dee La la La??,
is skip to the Dandy a Tune of the car Toon??,
can the drawing on the Walls be the cloud of a Mirror in the Description to Speak^ Ease??,
should not the Monopoly know that Coast to Coast is Radio on the Stream of what's chutes Duck??,
feather of the Flock,
the switch of the Clock,
what is the Ring as the Floor Ride said Reed.