Saturday, January 30, 2016

Don't Be RIPPED Off For the Scare In Stead Try The Life Of A Gypsy & Do More Than Touch Life, Live!!

So, should the L.A. Surround have to Have Had to Evacuate for the Fact of the Shed this is A plan,
to consider the Avenue to the Panic of the people Under extreme Conditions comes Terror,
these particulars are not the Hour of release or Move ease It is the Station of set.

As A Bowl of sump Fills to beg the question of the Sky on the Smog check it is the Times,
on that is the How will the Air clear itself to either Cough or Choke,
these Flame Able tribes are Up to determination of Authorities to deep Arithmetic,
meanwhile on the Troops it is the bug of that Wares touching steady as it rows.

First off to the Central area of California there are Vast amounts of Land,
the Calvary back in the Day gave Tent to Canvas as the actual roof,
yet what of all the belongings and the ready address??,
well that is in the Actual Evac in and Of itself by moving outside In.

just the idea for more practical adjustment Call It,
A Town Hall Style of TOK!!

To set the grid on the exact of the graph to the street by street blocks on the curve of the area code,
Safeway would remain it would just be on the brick,
homes would be contained immediately next to the Tent jet with the Freight of House hold goods,

so that the Families would not feel out of sorts from such a problematic Chaos on perpendicular shore.

The Country Side is Showing us the building Blocks now its real Eyes!!

As in Flint by Ways of Truckers on ready gear the shift is Only a matter of Train via the Road turf,
each Cause to the Now would Simply drop their load to Immediately move to Cross-Country report,
with that on the Wave it is just the Map to the Other as the final pan Dam it,
this is merely an etch to the draw as I am sure that Public Works would Come to better Best West turn to save All lives.

This is the Board to rough out the Speak as a Kenning Vernacular to bring Electrical with just Love,
for obvious put of My Concern is to Be not only Prepared but to be rather of Carriage,
not involving Any government as to not bother the very busy political electoral parade this is to the bone,
the shoulders of Humanity to be of rare to Know that your Neighbor is your Now.

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