Tuesday, February 9, 2016

A Full-Cheek Snaffle With A Copper Roller Otherwise Called a Dr. Bristol

Once upon as store reed the flute be gain to kettle,
a whistle inch the breeze Fertile eyes wide Seed,
the plants ditched to ground dead,
crops baled to the dried,
food found the ran Sid,
ice glaciers spoke of Sound!!

The echo was not a Cave down,
the ankles Fell in origin^eh^knoll,
human car Case said to watts,
the bulbs are blister,
a bloom is shell,
within the grit the sand wheel,
creek off rivers silt.

Valley grand to Time Means,
Ages shed the Tools of Scene,
dirt is clay??,
drains are flow??,
veins became to thick in spill,
iron said to sting a Bee??,
hominy and cream.

Spin^H of the Deer rubbed Win Tour,
Oaks of Birch to sleek,
Redwoods grained in Fire Skeet,
World graved the gut.

Galaxy shall the Universe Tell,
stars and method off the Tend dine,
supper Brake fast lungs in bled trashed,
oxygen is thinner gasp,
shovels Hoe to pull the Shown,
cue Card chorus Fossil.

Heavy trend to Bib a Coal,
fires Ashbury Haight in Street,
cheese & Crackers wiggle Came bridge sew Sigh it Tea and Freckles lake all dumped on the Polo late.

Mal lets be the bigger Steel,
forged from experience that Theater Sheen^Gull,
towards Less Ons more On's just the get Talk touch Chin Tong,
see Soar Sal lid whats a scare,
Playland on the slides of Gore,
gun^knee Sacks the bet to Stacked care A sole and Live to SAT??,
radio on station Town,
Nine Ten eh IM the bounce of send to List In with a Common cent whom Pennies Wise,
days See chains that Link kin Trace,
Men a Role with good Ole Fax a Hand to Mi Crow Film a Knack with guide Dents??,
its Means to Flax with drinks On grasp Al call Hall at Floor a dued to being rather frank.

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