Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Does 'Sighs' Matter??

This Country has a shingle Announcement to a Real it tea Called a Core^A^Nair^Read!!,
it is simple its pure a Tee of the Club at the fee Stile of pass Turns,
dock tores have rinsed,
the Tide has Risen,
suns are moons in endeavor of earn nest??,
words have had to be Come??,
the lathe of Man on Mankind??,
Humanity is the break down of What is a Life on the Lens.

It is the ability to real eyes to the scene of act shin,
a miniature horse is a real live EAN price total to the Comprehension of Hoofs.

Frogs on the boil EAN or are the Religions now State Tin the harness of bits and death??,
does it really go to the Monopoly Board of Bank and Pieces of Owe New Ship,
is the Horse a Clue to this easy Speak as a Father did lope the pony to a day in the delved,
at a Time in the Ages of the pass time to sync the ready or the blow,
is the three second expression so deaf that sea men have for Got!!

Kid goats on the littles of what is a Yard,
the guard den of why is the lawn a growing Machine to naturally sewn??,
is a still Stiff to the staff driven to Shift or gear Up to feather down the ride to this Sort,
figure that Awe tsk Tick pull seen to throb,
what is that to the kids on the Saw.

Does a Picture talk purr Flicka to sputter the drain,
is a comprehension of Trumpets or Lily at Theme,
is a Vase of the Vat or is it Pots pans lid & Sckeme??,
why is the Deck Land knowing Porch stoop per Steam??

Draw a frame to Arena of the Rogue,
colt for Tee Five at the To deer in Harvest,
is the bail to Beet or Cue come burr Sweet,
this is the Wind Shield to See the Cause tick to Watch this big Freeze??,
like the Ice Sea of People that shock Raw to Term??,
go to the Grow Sir and derive More than green.

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