Tuesday, February 9, 2016

A SIM Pole Guide To Bits Now Whats A Loose Ring??

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from Too at Dot tour Forest groves And Nash a Knolls!!

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the spice see find is men ewe wet to a rival on the Whats Up dock??,
a reason^Abe^bull in Fraction of Method to System paper Clip??,
it is More Is whale scratch is Or ka the Seal said its Bark!!,
ruff Ruff ruff,
oh for the gnat chew role to evident such a soar,
spelling is the abc to one to three in on learn kneeing romp purr rooms Mirror result Sing,
now on the Sesame Street to the Three third Dee Movie Dial Lean for Doll lars??,
that would true the numb burrs ring to answer with more than the bee's and birds in 'X' plane^duh,
on channel soup the chicken recipe is really rather bull yawn,
its so Neet to Al call Hall with notes and String being Cue come burr while stating Miss stir ED!!

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