Saturday, February 13, 2016

California Cans US On Real Time For Last Week To Knight On Valentines Day For The Sun^Knee Keep Tight!!

The read light District of say Am stir Dam is the light on the Compass of treasure doors ago,
as I was going to that land of interest in the real living life to in gauge the pain Full slow,
as that ink to the lean was in the legal League of Doing a file to the Job that sure locked my home,
due to in advent of my older sister Tamara the exit to an in stay found that left at the are 'V' Park reality.

To that Texas shark the Fin on a gin My Older Sister took be longings to Introduce the stump per,
no not really she was a bark that bark said legs ago that thick Its do send Cent troll mail to bodily store Ridge,
that tell a phone in person ole Changed nothing but the Location of the Steel,
it was a Shield to brave the Scar Worn heart on my life laid by the laughter of the Trill,
so in the threads of bare IN pain I put to the Plates a shrink and License with Calm restore,
how ever the fact that the door behind the mirror has shelves this plan did it cored.

Apple and Oranges beast and form Moles round dead the bottles to shed the Tools,
in constant Hare rust Meant the flat gained a good Steady on the In greed dee-ence a glue.

Done down by the fudge to Sugar up the Chap Stick it proved that Even legal labels are Shined,
black ayes to grazing keeps that replaced the In greed dee hints with Tick Tacks literal both signed.

Chorus on the littles Herd on the Harbor wit Nest to what is a Proverb,
in that sit In on the still a fright it came to the Show of How is Wise to empty the buys as Pluto,
rain touch the cheek and pigeon tow the room Ask no Elephant as the Ant to Lope is Can Touring,
bean to Pea the Mills of Paper is the simple yet Complex it Tea that sole`d to the Foots Print,
word by sad to know of the Real is as Kansas has taken the Kids from the Shown.

Kansas has a long Say that speaks to the Tell,
of that is the sigh stating do process,
for door and Wool the sweats,
being of the Frank to staple the Text.

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