Saturday, February 13, 2016

Betting The Rail From The Quarter Line As A Center To Balance The Doors

Shell Gas at the Station of the Mow Hawk on that E! Vent of the A Prove Oles is Mow dumb Brain`d??,
no the National Meed is to pulse a certain,
take the Goods to Increase the Pet Trolls on the computation of Commercial Additional,
extra E! Dish Shins to SAT the Harness with More's Control.

The People of no United States of America have caused Owe Pinion the shop of the Pulls,
to direction on the World it is larger than the Stream of green Sweats and clover Bails,
the spice to Know the Mountains scarf on the Breeze in conversation sigh lents of Naturally.

I Thunder no Light Kneeing as a Waltz to this Time to Creek,
bones in ache as that Tide has Risen,
I cannot say that these Parades are far From a shore that World Shores are chanting to Scrub,
the Mission Bells ringing Clear to sounds that I have felt before as in Truth its a sort of File on the sooth.

Grand are the Outer Banks to the Scene,
grace beyond this horror and terror served Here on Places as the Coffer with a beer,
drinking that Bar stools stump to Know change 'cause those Cans US are Trunks to self Evident pieces,
smile for the sit a bite ask Not why this Count Tour is on Flour.

Mix chore with Avenue Chlorine and that Toothbrush banter gots its Wreath a crane,
lift to that is the earn??,
a belt of satisfaction to Pronounce a Word with the speak Easy as a channel lean Shag??,
strap Pencil a lead with Proper Prime??,
barb Wire chutes a slice.

In the Mid West Turn it is those Gold in Gates that puts License to the Herd,
gather gem in aye and spouts of grout,
the Moon is Hello as the Sun said spoon,
guy Forks a setting,
these Place Mats to Comprehension as Kind Nest to the eggs of scramble.

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