Sunday, February 7, 2016

Hare^A^Syn Ford Would Know In An In Stance The Push & The Pole Of Flag & Maher Owe!!

What does a Stream due when the Creek is on the gentle type of slope towards the lumber ean of Timber,
that Mountain of the Valley had a Goods,
the Snow is the Catch and the Said is a Dash??,
nigh the hour of the Rivers Means??,
does the Ocean speak??,
did that View of the Tumble Weed say to that Peak??,

Well, in the in fraction of the Divide to equal lean a blink its the ayes of hinge to Saws,
trees blowing in the Wind of sigh clone daze to a Pen Knee wise on the Service of that Stat. chute,
smile is grin Clock on the Rim is what Time is the Dock Cores at Present arms.

Hug Gean the botch berry to know of the brains Mat tour is like Hello whats a Tier,
the vast Toads touch EAN a pot of many lids in the Sigh in Tiff Fick challenges loo gee,
but what of the gees in the harbor of a Pier to a tempt of the drive on golf saying typical??,
did the rise in the Shore to sands on the beach say to the grain that Salt is a Haul??,
shell the Clam know the grit to Understand a core to Answer a Purr Ole as string Hemming Way??,
dew that is there and than shows the bud that Bulbs still do chorus to drinks??.

Water is on the Warp as that Desert in the Mirror,
showering a sundial to X jaws to snap a strap Ping on Wares,
then in the Paper to in script on the plain is Violets with lily to swamp Cool lure's as hey choose??,
no the evident is growth.

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