Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Coin Is Flip Pen A Cause For Heads Have Tales on the Knows!!

SWAT is an eh^Gent that marks the Scene with Time Means and Watch ease for the sound of ef Bee Aye,
is the language on the Mirror??,
is the word on the breeze??,
does the Tread put to Platters or Velcro from the to of the Back on the Screen of suit At SAT??,
should the Mere by of Circa at the Off fence while the Dee Fence is register does the Catch Twitch spiral.

Say that the charge of the bull went to the truth of the boot in Near,
is the soared of play on the per pen dial a year to the lawn or the crow,
is the bird of flight on the well hand to Hike Hike Hike or is the stiff 123.

Dig deep chill Well lures as the beta is see deed,
to game the Gamers on the game in the Game oat the games of the play on the Games is isn't,
to which is the core of that whom is what on how is where in why to due knot Know digger skate,
ice pool lean to Cue stick on the shore side is on the back porch of towel at eyes blink.

Now on the reverse in the sight of Upside done Kite,
this string is the add Verb to the communicable Tell a tune Light as the Visor is lids,
with the ballet of the Waltz to the endgame a Piel is the brain Mind to the drill of a Steel??,
with the shield be song on the Gates of the throw whose on the Mind of the fact tour of Feat??,
is the seat of the habit to deep line a measure short step that arm and fum^bull the stall??,
as the hop Scotch to ice sickles is stoop per the lit wise is the eyes that chin crupper to sigh lents,
that is the fee^lean on cot.

Hour the chain gang that guise on the side lines for too day is the link with a tight end a poach,
eggs to speak numb Bares as Quest chin says Mind stair what length is the shoe on the inch of a glue,
wrap that Foot ball the Sole of the heel to pat Tent with rose fray grins touch state,
the Mind will go bother to receiving the Connect to brake at the scrawl lure in hooked by the state??,
field dead bed balled to Bach in hard Floor while miss Tick is pull sing to read switch stick to rule.

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