Sunday, February 7, 2016

What Do You Shall^Lo??

Dance with the breeze on the at of Wares in the Nines its a Count ean,
on the price score is the soaring eagle of the reign can that free sing,
with those Wings on the shoulders of the Men that new the beach on sands Time,
deep in the lie of steam a volcano expression to the strum Means with inside the soles view storm,
ask these calls did the thought crackle to the spark of dignity as the Flags rode Tall to tell of saws in that lodge,
breathing with the cadence of that pulse a heart to lung the breadth does the hinge talk a stoop,
for only the read deed will up the ant tea to a arm and that is the pause of knowing a clasp,
its the galaxy on the preparation of this Universal pull.

People have had to gauge a dividend buy the purchase of lat Ten to lathe on the kneel syn,
in basket a pliers of grapes and spread of pinchers to Scorpion the sky spelling or Rye Inn,
these plan its reach to gargantuan Sphere it Call on the Rhymes of the prose to Lane Hauls,
as the Hitch of that Pluto to the Mars on the Jump it is the Excitement in depth of the shone,
cannot the person appreciate the Songs of Ancient Pharaohs on the Walls that In struct Shin,
with the leg of a Giant to that Statue in Marble from the Stone of Mountains on a sharp.

Course this calm in the Worlds store a Shop of who are You,
that is the Intro. of A Way to road the Trace of salt and Ocean Blue,
bays that have a lagoon with a Dolphin to rise the Knows,
whales in the contextual of beaches on that good ole scratch,
each sand is a paint brush with the silent role of thanks for the sea.

Soar rings of Trees to describe the Time of Ages lathes lasting Strong in Character long,
yet the crows are in the Flight of Angelic harmony,
with a truth of a Dove to soap the Crate and nailed box to tempo.

Stride singing the Lions roar an Elephants mile,
inch of the Plains to the kick dust of shelving on an earthly seed as the languish angles to poised??,
what is the purchase of the Tusk to the Horn of the Big Ram Sheep,
a lesson in the Thunder atop the Hoof??,
crashing sounds on Hills while the Person is in strip of dials and roost,
to show that scene took scene to speak a light kneeing found day shin,
whereas the Popular is grunt Sword to In pail the Bucket Price for a cower on the twisting Knife in crust.

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