Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Fare Ease Of An Act^Chew^All Price On Throwing A Clip??

What is a Clip on a Horse Shoe Cleat??,
why does the Horseshoer direct bore the Whole to Terrafirma on the Track??,
roads and gallop Poles??,
grip & Grasp.

Whats a stud/cox to the Picture of the Work in the File to touch Chin??,
is it the Forge or the drill of the Rasp that Ray Tog Na Zee Knee knew the Technical file??,
should the Iron bend and the Mould be Warped than Why is the Hot Shoe on dig a Deep font??,
whom is the Hammer should the Nail say Sting is it the Song of a bow E!! on Sing??,
is the see Dee a Pull lead to bounce the Grid??,
do those Tee 'V' dinners Speak Volumes on the Knight radio gone Pong??.

Bing twilight to the San Francisco Cable Cars is the Rice a row^Knee Treat^Ed!!,
be Sure to dial the Scope of gear on the Shift is the den^chure of bits and Tales??,
more's Code to Big Brother Hold ding Company as these Days of hour Nape pulls??,
Greece is the Owe^Limp^Picks??,
ore of the Earth to sphere It Call,
numbers on The Bounce??,
Cricket with Jim Mi WOF fir`d??.

Bee duh Grot Z uh is a is a Clinic that Seat Duh rose to the MAA^sheen of Show Sheen??,
cop^Per^talks at the sea be of the Truck currs??,
over Hall is the freight Tiers of wait??,
Weight??, slip??, Slide?? cleats?? or Bolts thread id??,

Checks & Bowel^In^Says that Time is All 'Wii' have Had to deal the See Mint??,
Ed dee New the Open Stile as that Pad dock to Con verse Say shin at the dew Dull bug Tagged??,
why bother the E!^Lec.^Shin procession signs to Knee^On the Ed^It^Tore^e!^Ole fact Tour of Oh rye lead??. 

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