Thursday, February 4, 2016

Tom Saw^You're Tacks^Ease??

Should the Religious ought Too See not Not squint to the A bull It tea of Centuries red than Its a Jug lee Ore on land Ding,
the rings of the skirt to touch Hemming on the Jewels is the Ran Sid sump of Crews a chain,
it is Not Not the Neigh of what is Whom to Wares and Beens,
it is much the muster of the Trumpets braking the Sealed waxed Letters of Scribble dead Scrolls!!

Turn side to side that a walk a cross the floor ride in this Now soar`d of jump Pin jax's??,
the constant flow of language Mouths to not bits and Peace says that jack Ole is Pump keen??,

Is that A Word??,
is it a Clause??,
is it a Knicker??,
is it a Cal. in dure??,
is it a Day See??,
is it a Cal. 'V' awe Reed??, 
is it a Flew ID??,
is it a Com. Bow??,
is it a Combine??,
is it a Pre EST??,
is it a Poe Op??,
is it a Say Ain't??,
is it a Van it Tee??,
is it a Mere??,
is it a Hand dull??,
is it a Face Shoal??,
is it a Sole A Men??,
is it a All Tour??,
is it a Lit Toll??,
is it a Stag grr??,
is it a . . . . . 

Its a lei`T say Yen a Lo haw!!,
Hell OH,
Hell Owe,
Good By,
Good Buy,
Goods @ Miens.