Thursday, February 4, 2016

How Does A Cue Card Draw Blood??

Computer on the lap top of a now hour is the min. it Trick to that psychological Degree on grades??,
dock tores are not difficult to sound for all the off^ice muster is a plug to the enter Net of chorus,
in the bank of that charge there is know Check-Up on these days of sack the sack the sum Mon. kneeing,
for the truth of years on the job to straight up song`d to the compass of that Plaque at trip location was tears.

In the sail town next to the city the only remaining evident was the name,
that name did not match any dock Cue meant to that same on the left right twas,
than on that the original record of reason from Zacharias to particular was for certain,
Time on the job to the knowing of no Move for course to come.

A Hall list it Dock Tier is on the Hour of a Computers hub in Stead??,
for the Watch to the Technical lean go is not near this comprehension aye Saw it in the Venue of steep,
UN^Less/Lest/Lease these Treasures have Chest the Pandora of Education goes to the Screen??,
what Ever the journey to Reality Witness of this said Last said on Move Ease of filed,
Wares on Per sun All is Up for the grabs of nursing the In Toot of App. Lick Cake shin??,
why the Matter has not come to Visual after the In cyst Tents of eyes Upon shoulders is Desk Scrip shunned??,
this is a War??,
this is a Fax??,
or a palm to Urn on the Massage of Complete shin??.

To have Whom been the in Courage meant to arch Feat than to disappear was queer to my dye,
read to the Neets??,
when is the Trots of Med. it Call on the Act??,
win the Nut is cracked and the Meet is know long grr than a Name Tag with a pleat??,
hemming on the Jims,
making but Tour rum Rise to The drink of Cough Fin a fish to Tell in a stagger of Con fee Dents??.

True to Form at a Bull a defining Toon on this Sear E! us with Watts as Holmes in Vest too gates??,
the bridge game??,
poke Curr face??
black Jack and Cards with Roo let to Choir the Concert^Tina wire with Morse Coded vernacular miss Sing??,
the words to those Per script Shins have stoop to Porch the scoot of Scene??,
Wells are Depth to Comp. Pre^Hint^Shin as this is the Cent Tense of a Tale or a Ped.??

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