Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Its Not Like Anyone Believes It Anyway, So To That I Say Byte Me!!!

Fee.ole the ear or is the corn of locks that become what is life,
on the scene to experience of what is a clock,
the cover and the sheets for the paper to type,
it is just the facts.

Keep it closed to People and their Kidnapping habits on fundamentals and Thesis,
to Vets and the show it is more as to what is License,
that is the years on the job or that school of waisted education to the booked,
either paved is the concrete shirts to that gravel on the tell a chapter the word.

While tick is a Venture to that challenge on the Known,
then the variable is the silence of silents do good,
for in that is the lyrics of more pane to windows of blink,
each persons rattle is the snake eyes that dice to but.

In answer of nothing it is the Know Rules of upper Case,
library this filed with in.door sturdy,
for on the learn of the teach it is that walk on the stall that puts id'd to over trots,
saddle well and the girth tightens for the cinch,
as that is just a bit piece to the picture already taken to the shredders be sheen.

Wool on the sheep makes sweaters for the chills,
on that is the days of count to the finish of doing what is necessary call lat tour role dam age,
a good Hoover for the Vacuum,
in the backpack to carriage,
no weight is the move.ease with truth asking a Biscuit for the race.

As this is on the Human of track to just a Day,
play to condition of sound as the acoustic is of stereo from the did on the floor,
expression held to hold born with now,
the reason for what is the wisdom on wink it off to the dust of shelves to sneeze,
that is why the best of guise is the drive to the store on the times in the breeze on The Bone.

Volumne to no annoyance and should that provide an Inconvenience that speak,
talking is a busy signal to Welch's grape juice,
the compass of understanding on not needing to thrifty a cause,
to be resilient in solve is that the problem announces its equals to plus or minus,
as my life since the year of 1965 I have been not what the worth of tread conversations,
its just an inconvenient truth to no spoken language on what is the dead.

Once on the pass to the Monopoly of lonliness I embrace the deal with coping,
it is no new deal and the dice roll to the same sake,
be of residence be of aid be of what is a measure to the rule of what was or has been a dream of return,
in that is the empty barn that I have no horse to alleviate a day with just a ride.

Being Frank,
or is it just this World on the drill of languages and ream,
that job called life itself a harbor to say that time is just a clock,
the punch in on the birth to punch out on the grave,
what is a yard to the light year,
a harness of understanding the stars as a map or chart,
reality is that its just the balance off the sleeve,
energy at the suns rise and moons shadow of the big bang in a solar system that galaxy of a Cosmic pine,
for that is the awe of Mankind,
stuck in being note to destroy the chaos and control the shift,
than to tell the fined that its just one way to sub. lime,
therefore its The Drink on the Lathe of a River in a Mountains thunder to comprehend the Reins shape,
one ice-cube at a dime.

Tinkle Tinkle,
not my path on the fountain of purchase to the bar of such rounds,
it remains to be that special dignity that phew,
for in sew of threads to the fill.tour of additive fluid soda Pop,
know that not all need a rake of that drug through the mud to say a face Shoal.

Than at that True Bore is the Trumpet the by Sect shin??,
is the scroll above or be lo??,
is the words to shale the fossils ray.ole road??,
is the thermal chill just the glacier speak of freeze to melt the flight for the actual witness of horror rise Inn??

Well a Gorilla in the Mist,
this is the provision of a dream in a know that seen in the gentle be of Watch,
but that is the beauty to directions for the hear row,
for the rest its just that fax,
to a gorilla in a tell of what is a shoulder to sing that not all are found but some are From compassion,
to say that life is the wonder of nothing comprehensible to the bowl seats of method to handle a pause.

For Wit its just an Animal,
for choose its just a done,
for I it was a dream,
for that its not a deal but knowing that fare rows rock,
and music bounces the read ball to tour mobile,
now call the television of what is a mind and connect the dots for all spinal flew^id.

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