Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Shore That Knows A Stone In the Hymn^US^Sphere Of Opera And The Chills Of The Knowing Reality On Sufficiency To The Times Off Tax

The towards whats a home to where is the reach to know of the lore,
is the balance of threads in need of more read??,
why yes the call interrupt to my shock on the who,
to that is just to place in a new found of residence to Wares and that clue,
so on the moves to the branches from the ground to the mid its just appear??

Cannot wait to bring the quiet to sides,
no explanation just another big sill,
finding the home to peace on my mind,
not standing the stress of making a band more that the radio of audio land.

Again its time to just know of the form,
fill it out and get a license on how,
then to that teach its just dog path along,
till the meant is of private and silent as cent.

The excitement of reach will bring letters to grand,
another big say to that account of the gave,
loving the aid to deck that big stretch,
the forest is getting a great big rehearse to what is a live and often just perch.

Thanks for the shed to the coin for that shade,
taking as quickly as the tunes will be theme,
lyrics to for.got.ten songs on the times,
just being of simple and not inconvenient for rhymes.

Glad at the sun and the moon on the sky,
an eagle a hawk to be antlers and smock,
so advertised from to the just be a land,
that its be akin in the difference and great for the beer.

This world is known to home for the sound,
not much expected as the loneliness Pounds,
day one day to saddled with price,
excellent rest stop is the miles of mice.

Now on that riddle its just a said rum,
placed in the care for the love and big brung,
one simple note to what is a bunch,
just the acceptance of the loneliness lunch.

I'll be glad to find a design that does fitting and not on surprise,
making a noise that is the best blinkers just bitting,
still as that tum on the lid of the come,
matching the pears app.pulls and slung.

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