Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Over The Rein.Bow?? Know Detroit, We're In Detroit?? Now What Is Called A Knew Idea??

Why does the Police Departments of this Country not have the following,
as simple to the facts of position to job requirement currents a resume or assume position??,
therefore why is the Vehicle not bullet proof.

The constant stick of this countries complaints,
providing cover would at the very least bring a tup full of seconds,
whereas the parade of idiot civilians has put in harms way a path??,
or is it the lack of being honest to this countries tank job on Serve to protect??,
the question is what is protection??

Rubber to that Cock or Trigger??,
the base is of what is a^head??,
the conversation of chatter verses Gossip.ping??,
the clink of Gin^Tile bran^Syn on the grains of buckets to Water??,
what is the Exhaust??,
is it a Trail.lure to bench is that Vacuum??

Bentley has been on the move.ease to know structure,
the design is from too a carriage,
so should the balance of lei^Sir be on bet to Show,
does not experience choir with Wire as more^Is code??

Or shall the Consistency be on the Tired??,
shall the song be Come,
a lit.Toll sing,
to aye.IM  in the know of  Fish and Pole??

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