Monday, May 16, 2016

Like Bars Through The Forges Understanding Of What Is a Bar Shoe For The Already Lest!!!

The Breeze plays a Wind Song,
on list is the not phone,
it is nigh the loop but near a medley,
words carryon the years,
tunes speak a gentile stool,
puddled in the lake is the wave of can't exist,
as the size of those drinks gave River the bisque.

With a stream on the internal land of Mankind and Humanity saying Human being tool,
the shed said to that dust the bowl is mirror as the Field off Storm??,
that thirst for the switch to the Hi Coy.In bank,
Wall street futures with fill.tour??,
the straight on the decomposition is not left,
that buggy harness carriage in.crease the hem as easy as gem.mead is to a still of Chicken Soups soot??,
Well in that pail of verse touch the stray, to seeing the experimental shade.
first it is the Trees??

'The Basics for Drilling and Tapping' 
By Red Renchin

No for the seed would be in want of the dirt or that wait,
for even the see must to stride the idea of a swelled,
the sky Net.Working on bathing in the Heat??

River would say to the Swamp of a friend,
did the crocodile number the leather on the stump,
does the fish on the Trout move with Carp.dee.Um??

grade.chew.way.shin on today in gift.tin a spoon is as the silver yet what off the go.old??

Vs on a Whirled to ed.chew.kay.shin,
diction.heir.reed with a Flautist on the Tongue,
bits and call.lures to reins and carriage of stadium bum.Ping on the cobblestones let??,
however the fact of see.meant to Ma'am??,
why is it not said in the brake sound but Rather accepted as a Crowned??

The Scroll.Lure of List.Sting Named and Waltz,
a bowel.lei with that tass.sole to spread in a days chair on the Stand of what in a Tucks,
an Op.Per.Raw with Lyrics in voice on sung and not Sang??,
per.suns little grasp with a dock.tore.writ as a pen.sill verse.shin of world.ole.lead slow.gun??,
than the From.

Therefore trending no original sort of seat to anchor a society on the Jobs in jobs sport,
that lay.bowl treads to thee Tire and a short,
war.ring width to whats a Trick & Treat on the tray of thread to in aye rack!!!