Monday, May 16, 2016

Oh For The Lights Of The San Francisco Hofbrau: Over The Rocks As The Balance Would Often Beam At The Take.In It Neet!!!

Owe how the Mind in method off the sleeve,
it is those private conversations to the listen in those chairs,
snuggled in for a long nap,
as a prowess.

My the oh Wow to the tablet on today dumb Techs,
the bar.E!.yo to that double back shell of yo-yo & slink.key',
that terrific factor on reality,
the treasure of Pandora must just rock that glass back to say??,
well, that is a deep subject on deposit now isn't it.

Found by the letter of a memory lathe,
that Shingle to The Whistle of great bound!!!

Gosh these are the words that stride to trials ears,
to never plug rather state that the drum in there is found!!!

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