Monday, May 16, 2016

What Is Your Zip_Code??

For the Tiburon/Belvedere Community of Great,
the to log-on for the PG&E questions in our Area,

it is easy to use for all the require is a trail of letter to locate.shin,
this provides 'Only Electricity' for any other PG&E provisions read depth of departments' tell.

Once that sign is On the Update button wells to keep your Home in-touch on the worry,
so deciding to parade the website will favor the spice of the Men & Women on the roads mile,
for less time on the phone makes more's time on the Fix.

Should fear inhabit an after hours supply to your nerves,
the provide of our local Fire & Police Departments are there to be your Friends on the panic,
so therefore preparation in advance of the dark shale on a nights' view;

1.) batteries for flashlights and radio broadcasting
     a.) Having a battery operated Radio playing during these times will supply your bodily frame with a greater calm.
          1.) KGO 810 AM is an achievable broadcast to the pick-up of a standard antennae in our area.
          2.) SNAP radio 840 AM for more information on local emergency situations in Tiburon.

2.) candles are great but require greater WATCH for those that tend of dose-off so batteries are a bit better for decision.
     b.) For the reduction of panic during stressful times while driving might be taxing on the nerves also, as remember the stoplights at intersections will go out. Remind yourselves that should this happen at anytime or should you need to prepare yourself for the adventure during an outage, the local Police Department is a phone call away to memory check this additional information.  So, the stoplights are to be observed like a Four-Way Stop!!! However people today are not driving with patience nor understanding of 'polite' fabric of wheeling, therefore be of greater breath to yourselves as it is not a race to get those batteries but it will be a journey these days.

3.) Local Emergency Numbers!!
     a.) Tiburon Police Department, 1155 Tiburon Blvd
(415) 789-2801
     b.) Belvedere Police Department, 450 San Rafael Ave
(415) 435-2611 
     c.) Tiburon Fire Protection District Station 11: Headquarters, 1679 Tiburon Blvd
(415) 435-7200
     d.) Tiburon Fire Protection District Station 10, 4301 Paradise Dr
(415) 435-7200

Past these simple core instructions the only part that makes real eyes feel better is to make a call to whom may be coming home and with that one phone call you can take the opportunity to double-check your residence as to any further instructions regarding gas-lines and circuit breakers.  Plus it will make you feel better to hear a live a warm-voice on the other end of the line.

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