Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Dawn'On's Of Equal.Lean Land Grants!!!

From Egypt to the Sharp of that Fathom be of greater strength and Wisdom to what is a live,
at then believe in the belief of both land.Ding and take.a.path,
these are the days of Thunder to touch light.kneeing,
be of the cheek as a key to the Stars as a Bridle to rein above the lock on this trudge.

Should scene be of a Whale than the dolphin thanks the passion for the Times to guide,
on this placed care to warm hugs and far streams it is the river Means,
goods to technique yet the Mountain is Hi and the roads prized,
see beyond the pace of only!!

The Pyramid a Sphinx the Elephant that I did saw on the Golden Gates wonder,
a beach with what is talk,
for that Eagle was as plain as the photograph any person is able to picture,
park in the first slot on the grace of the Nine O'Clock passion,
look over to the entry of our Bay and relax.

On the right is a small rise to witness how land Masses,
face.sing a lion and a defining Dragons creed,
Nero and I sat in the refine meaning to love how earth has come to say that life is in craved,
yet there on the explain is a diction that real eyes may employ to the heart of a pulse.sing,
what one may revel in is the matter of what is carved by storms over cheering clouds to view a deed.

Just as a smile graze,
look than to the direction of the Gate,
there in beauty of what is magic to I,
that stone of a chisel that only the sky would state to the flight from mud,
its in this simplicity that I travel you the words to say love is infinity as eternal is a craving that will join hand to price of pain in the stung,
the birds and the bee's in with mortality is the expense of the pen itself,
write with shift and gear this language to embrace those persons so that family might strong.

Seeing more than I would challenge my stance width,
wording is the inhibitor to my lisp,
ask not for a schedule for the hour is on an individuals natural cadence to stride,
that is what makes the journal of your lathe the shingle of your Tide!!

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