Thursday, May 19, 2016

The porch of a hillside view of the Mission on what is a portion of real eyes to basic harbor,
may that drive to the beach is on basis be of comfort to the strides suffered by loss today,
so quickly people have said that language is locked-up on the gear shaft of quick letters,
yet to the rather of how an hour is 60 Minutes,
as the clock winder is of knowing that presence is minus that travel,
may love inhabit your hug to the nearest level of warmth to stride your tears.

To be of sing the ears of fleeting Opera,
a stagger certainly shook this Worlds Hemming Way today,
the Avenues to the Richmond,
Sunset touching the Street to Tenderloin on tired,
over the mountain of pain directly to Bayview,
I hurt for this Waving stream of Lobos Creek at the disappearance of so much,
the under watercrest that gave to times of method to more than coasters would shiver.

Chills to froze so operation verse brings letters to describe only the cheeks than have mined,
with that this small and fragile tune is only minuet telling lyrics these lands thus be ground,
with each flood it sings a lather,
sweaters come to Fog,
bridges to Trails off the Heights of grasped.

The Fillmore on horror as decade of horror reminds my shock to The Mayor,
over seeing a bark to the Redwood Trees Grove,
patent the drink to know of those that have stripe to wall.lean and lives,
the cable Car has always brought the pier to go and read a tough taste of blocks and railed,
these perhaps are not fudge caught in candy at dim features of scales,
might the memory spur to the years on side by side respecting the determination to be more and feather.

Written in each pause I plight to fashion of address as the arms I am not able to hug with the hands I hold,
solely to shape the drawing I am only able to sketch piece,
for in the riddle may the trust of breadth be found as more than I stitch to only hem these torn lanes.

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