Tuesday, May 10, 2016

What Is An Advantage To Know That Its Not A Lost Pup^Pea In A World Of Ease^See Fix^In's??

A good section of information for the latest breaking said on the coyote on Trailheads,
as many of the howling magnets swing to the music of the song of a Moon in said describe,
it is the education of the Jack Russell Terrier 'Tessie' that brings this letter to Post as a bed.

The sheets of Music in the lyrics of Park Road in on the Roads of what is a Fawn,
calves being born Cows on the tilts Horses that knew Templeton for more than its takes,
words running at an Auction of Reality,
this is the road of my Jack on the scene.

There in the unexpected,
the broad light of day beauty and the pasture of a plainly seen road,
Means of the Coyote,
a single View,
standing with the Sheepish brows of blink and gutter the swoop,
Tale between the legs that are trotting-off with a stair that entices the dogs to really share.

With glee of the excite,
Tess went to that egg soup,
for I the balance was not the size,
it was that Slinkee in disguise,
those eyes that shifted gear with exact to whats a Trail??,
hounds and that drag??,
the bearing of the lag??,
well on this rather evident shrill of I to Tess's Ears!!

I could have yelled chased echoing vocal pat^turn,
round that over the top see of that Mountain of what was really a small Hill or possibly a burm,
the height of such was just enough to remove the view of thistle to know the shower of Thorns!!

I set the lead to the outer company of Willy and the shoes,
sit it sound with banks and sole to know that Tess^sea is a Owe^shins stoop of Ugg??,
just than that scooter of a Jack Russell burned the pause??,
in compass more role Tess had Tale between those legs of hers and eyes peeled on I.

I leaped to say in big Voice shoulder as I knew my Jack would sku to note that I had Scene,
sure enough that Coyote bisque was on the heels not jogging dust,
that track was Winds of a Cyclones Saturday verbal Coloring Book of Wow!!

Needless to Say???,
no for I must include that the time it took for the backwards thump canned that Coyote too,
for that Coyote had his eyes on Tess not seeing my jump to bounce the few,
waving Arms like voice in Owl Tessie scrambled straight to loud,
that Coyote did a final beep to do a lions leopard of jig and reap,
just minute to that scope of Ayes, the moment of that straight line too, this fund be strained the Feed.

So, as the lesson on this teach is to be aware,
it is also that briar patch as Coyotes on the Thor,
for first its Won??,
or one by Too??,
remind that Checkers of a Stride,
a real Homer for Familiar stroke is paints at Trucks that Weekly Tux while stories Tier to lights and Reined??,
it is just a bit of comprehension on how an alley knows the pane!!!

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