Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Written First!! What Is A Thread With A Wire That Is Not A Laptop But Still Is A Scene To A Screens Wrecked??

The torn factor of the shredded lead is as the day went to the stream of a road stir on the theme??,

Turn about to the shiver of a screen that was in tack and than the body of that pane is spinached,
pop^eye the sale lure stance touch the chin on a drop line and know that this is a subject,
dials on the string to spell the door as a lock to system of method that numbers cold tilt,
shift ding and the aft boats to raise,
Cheshire did not climb the Walls to Window Frame,
that shield to believe respect of property that mysteriously has a now weird list.

Why do times on the clock just bare role to what is that as the obvious is is obviously dun,
like the horse of harness to bridle the bit of convenience on girth of cinch,
a horn to flute the opera a symphony on Trumpets that sacks a phone on a tell a phone.

Soap boxes rise to dance the ink,
leaning to this teaches nothing of snot shelved to the sleeve as burrow of wrongs,
life has delivered an attune environment that strides to memorization of surroundings as spot,
the hook to the spread of wire and shred is more than a cat that was sleeping could stuff.

Divide the math to division of walk and that sort did a file on the filing turf,
ground dirt with mud a face shall be browse around as the answer is added to advertisement on lands,
sadly the Sun is not the Moons dark Star,
rather the event of people whom desire to state that grasp is of reach!!

Smudge or is it words that idea to comprehension of hinge to a threshold that stops yield of sole`d,
is it Stop the fuse to make bigger be horror original stool to pots and pans stoop??,
no matter the quiet to sweep away sleep the system of shade is the Screen of a deck.

For most it would be passed off as just happened in dim,
how is the rein so specific with strain??,
does the chorus not sing to the lyrics of grain,
is flax seed the oats of corn or the came,
mix it together and matches at base,
working it out on the curb of the Flout.

Chess with a checkers??
boards and Monopoly?? 
bowl lean for a tension success is that sad,
that people do things that make disgust just a grasp!

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