Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Whats Your Line As The Sew^ole Is Snyc^In And Its Reining On-Coarse??

People in this world just want what they are able to speak from you,
that is the depth of Humanity on the form of body to Sole,
a take to the blank,
filling in the price width more cost,
coins to print shop,
meant to in tangle a Tale on the verbs marrow,
say that bone is tomorrow on the daze,
then the travel of the pant is just a tongue!!!

Noun to which is the craft off adjective,
a proverbial shirt to sleeve those Tiers?? 

Rank & File

When the far choke rum bells to shredder,
threads more on that wire to be Czar,
Pharaoh the Sphinx blink Thrice,
double Back,
it is the few Id form Meese??,
plural a role??,
dock Torn rather Bisque method have driven Gears to Human Beings??,
the pre-Sump base T with a flow to Include that barn as the See Method to cork the be Corn!!

Pad deed with languish Apathy rules the hands of current gossip,
no person bothers a chorus,
the lyrics right on the left foot??,
or is it The Feat of stability to state of Tribe??

Drums for the Seals and Vacuum it on-Air,
voice trues compass to the Porch of the Stole in Fur??,
than the Tie^err does a Howl^lean silent to Wink a moon??,
dark Money with tank phones.

Fling a bow with Arrow??,
that splinters sub. to would be done??,
bib a Coal rose is the Thorns of staff in the choice of Humanity on the sidewalks SAT.,
bulb bust to lit,
hark a string while the Harp player ran to dish mold the Hares??,
say that a Swallow say to the Hum^Meaning Bird,
that sync in simplicity would evident flying the coop!!!

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