Tuesday, May 17, 2016

What Was Caddy-Corner Before The Gulf Became Eh Rig While Den.Ease Would Say Row,Row,Row You're Boat To Just Cause Of Won Name Day By Hymn Saying, Janis Joplin.

Mic. a Men.Shin that is not a current on the Wares to the Story.Read of Sam&Brian keel,
berth a neigh.shin to Tom Cruise and Mimic.EAN at the price of a move.ease list.stir,
Pet.Co is on the X.Press of the Nair.rows on a beanbag Chairs Corner Store at 19th,
the Sunset to the Richmond an Avenue through the sit.tee is Y on the spell.lean of jeans To.Day??

Well deep in the Man.Coon is a raise to the Chill.leans of super on the Diner to Cast,
these infamous be.tolls at the Muni of a jiminy Cricket are Hours??,
these are Men its to the Thimble.

Thread a string to know of these words as the comprehension of nigh the Op.^per^Raw,
sing till the lyrics throttle Wall Streets Ticket on a face.books leap to what is a steep.ping Whistle??

Should the Head.gear say to the Said in a sheet that Write.Ding is on the Call.lure for that simple,
complete the dignity as this riddles is a bit,
Fox Theater on that is Taraval to park with both seaplane and pools row,
up.bring the grove at the Fair down lead belief for duh.bird is a snippet on this sit.a.Dells dun Gin??

To speak of that is perk with Muni.Knees Mayor,
as should the Airport SFO change to a snatch then where is Colma on that to Eight.deed on a sleeve,
the pre.see.dee.owe??,
doing the once was there now its there with the endcap show.wean a bay.con for the flask!!

Michael and Michael are the 3rd Avenue declare,
a Flat to the Uncle and Men.dough.see.Know of their share,
in this understanding is Safeway such a grasp,
for why in the World does The President know SAT??

Its It for the Fare of the Fixture on the Seat,
is if for the Traditional that the Present has not Bean,
or is that private chatter to what is Fair.oh's lift,
the Valet to what is Crisp.pea Creamed but not on Plan.its Y.it.ERP??

Quest of a particular made particular Noise,
the word on the literal was known of a loud to business savvy that Sir.Passed??,
should pictures not behave to picture that technique,
does the duh Byrd fly the Kite or spring to oils stream`d??

for the piece duh resist taunts,
what is a To.Can should the Ticket to ride be a Sad.dill??

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