Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Roc Banned Makes Salts Brine To Pep.Per Planned!!!

Balance a silence with the saying of people peering down on my porch,
as the production of bother to making more prose feel oles at the price of spectacle,
microphone torques 'R' the shout and then pose,
what is that bang bam boom but the shells of push to shove dough.

In many attempt to be of polite as in did,
tired I have become of the glancing pass of stride to bad rooks,
chess on this has become my turn-it all block,
that has been progressive to the world and its rip of record take of parade and skip the shall to ignoring the toe.

From many Idea to the work on the stubbed society I just say that times come to multiply exist,
found on the strip is more of just life,
use I till the take of an idea till it profits your pocket and you say that its chores.

In regard to the constant of a length of time on my sleeve of what dark towers have port,
its just the depth of take Take take and then to have heard "No, she's just a blogger".

The endless account of why bother to retort,
for it will just be the next words of I am not the one that is the speak about.

In truth to worry of surrounding greater large,
I have attempted to be of assistance but I find its just a log,
so on the shutting down to week end a spot,
the day to daily denial has become grading to my knod.

On the errand of great good for the air is goodness breathe,
I was in a disgusting puke accosted by a stem,
cellphones clicking to fucking bark Men,
corner stores and turd burgers match the barking above in Means,
on one hand is a give the other slaps you wink,
than on the come to terms its rape and than left blink.