Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Funny How My Pure Bred Red Doberman Found That Crisis Is Okay As Long As Its The Long Sleeve Of The Tiers That Had Been Shed To Say What??

Watch to that speak easy on the tell a phone,
the cause tick on that pulse to the heart of matters,
its a small thing.

No perk to the cough.fee of no mat.tour its just preparation said to be of the sole,
walking the dance to know that the an sir ring is just a bell,
than the porch to equip meant to deafen the sound of nothing,
its a drive to sunny days and sun lit nights,
shadows on the creek to river is the mountain on that valley of shale,
fossil remains to echo a tunnel.

In the tunes is more like a stick,
the key on that is the prose,
word by function to the keystrokes bed limb,
a staff that presents a festival of gears.

So on the darn of those emails and that talk of the raised,
I go to the Monopoly of Nero and the language of what is a service,
the catch of leash and collar on memory crate,
the case library of the range to say that highways are by ways to that chamber of freeze.

Its just a small thing,
these days no math would add to the turmoil in the spoils,
as that is just a small thing to the designs of what has been done,
to recall the porch on the fix,
that say to a part that made Nero feel so ill on the bark,
for the flea hop motel on the byte of this strum,
the owe be dee hence has made trouble to my compass,
yet that is the life on the tums of just role.laids,
therefore by the pay the Turkey is pup.pets to see that pure bread is Wonder.

Sourdough is the Seed,
the long dough is the reach,
passport is the stamp.pen of why bother to be a sku,
owe for the talk of that chair on Nero and is adoption,
the pick was I and the Jack Russel Terrier was my teach,
as breeding those Terriers was the best of show to the Name tells a Volumne of fee.leans to my state of Truth.

Dig deep to PetsMart and know that what is a burned,
the fact that Judy had a Boxer that taught more to the bundle than what is a wealth,
the Calendar of Adorable of those precious treasures,
and yet that is hunted outed and pounced as to say that its fight,
so on that I just put to the Plate of License,
I have one.

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