Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Owe^Pea^Owed The Fashion Of The Brain In Deep Denial Of The Emotional Rate Of Expression To Great The Time As A Nostril That Forgot To Cry!!!

What is the cure??,
wow it must by Sir the at the Office of doctors??,
its a contagion??,

Well than Humanity is at risk??,
of what sobriety for the emotional restriction of dealing with the Facts??
well its a rather deep subject,
at least thats what Sir said to Ma'am on the big bottle of Message.

Than the flew is a shot of reality??,
thats what the media put to denial,
than the truth went marching on??,
that was a Hun.Dread bot.tolls of Bier on the Wall and the entire World bit a byte of Mass.stirs light.

The pole Flagged the Wind blew,
a chimney spoke to the big bog a loo,
that blunt got a pass,
the cover and the glass,
gin with the clink.kin of what came to pass??,
the Whole World denied that the problem was seeing knot believing.

The cause tick rein brought towels and strain,
for the human brain evolved in a single sell of emotional tell,
the media barrels a pickle to stick the cucumber in with the garden of dick, went to Tar.Zen and the Jung.Gull said cent,
a book case learned that the world made them and squirmed.

So the thread of the Internet denied a look to see why the blog would Book,
it took the facts and translated the tiers,
shook with the dust until the blunt knife cleared,
the cut on the quarry gave rise to stone,
than the drug a cross of nailed again was just a Tone.

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