Sunday, June 26, 2016

To Say Plainly 'The Skeleton Key' Would Make The Gay Pride Parade Know The Triangle Of A Perch Has Made 'The Star' A^Wares That Arms Whom In This Worlds E!^Claire's???

True to form on the International and Global shell to the grit in the Fact that sayings are Key,
God Save The Queen!!

Touch the Ocean with an Understanding,
be of grace to know of San Francisco supporting England with an I land of read,
to be on the Throne be it toy Lets_see,
what is the ever for a World at the Media stating on Yesterday Evening,
quote from the Hostess of what I did hear that brought to annoyance of their attitude seed,
as Orlando did The Pulse and Floor.a.Duh raised to be of know conversation the the Accent gone bong,
CBS than ABC both stepping the same,
in exact it made my belly barf desk,
for the ladies with voice said 'broad cast sting' with such pronunciation,
the thought to to spank gave their words torn with their dust!!

Atop that describe of how the in spew,
I must say to the E! Ewe of their Bank.keen be Raid,
as most will not stop to consider these Tricks,
a Paddle to Oar on the can.knew be Cropped!!

Framing a 'broad.cast.sting' statement by lean,
to in course of their lyric to a word in a chair`d,
on that is Europe and the Coin that did Sale,
for here in America the thought was not bury.

Norse on the Hour to lost at those Rome,
no wonder The Pope scrapes to Immigration gone Boar,
the thought that Europe has given Country for SAT. is it now to the State of Emigration by Stood??

Now know the clock and The Punch on a Scat,
1978 in The City of my birth,
these common ground Dings mark a door to a bridge,
than as I see that Twin Peaks on a sign,
the Arm Band that Says the Streets of a Parn.

The Panhandle known to I from my youth,
should yesterday Beach where Playland did Set,
thank you to those that brought Corgi's to Share,
if that is the gracious than it barks like a stare!!

Dancing such wonder the Twinkle of stars,
you have brought the Scene to Identify clear,
with fountain of ripple to the cent of a Sail,
the Viking, the Queen and a Homosexual Tale!!

For those about to Rock,
We salute Choice and ICE is served Neat,
for the eh be see knows that simplicity deeds!!!