Monday, July 11, 2016

A Blue Ssh.Win!!!

Castro be Lair,
the kennel on a Dowel is a Weather Vain once stain less Glass,
the earthquake in nah.paw did a Krill,
two million said to be the fix for a Church on the Rag,
this over the Numbers to Deuteronomy 10 Twenty at a Luke 4:2 Once lagged.

The reward announced on the vein to Welded,
it's a celebration told on lo.Coal Flat flake at to day in 7 tin the Wine.Know,
a year in a bag is 2016 to say the fork is Five in verse Twenty One`d!!

The Milkshake is dew.when,
the gallon on Harvey,
a rabbit to the office is the picture of that Truth to a Movie backed by English weirds of clean sweep,
even equals hands in the error on a showing the pew rocking heads and standing Two.

Lines on the Mind are the Theater cheers,
people telling the vs through the method of malignant narcissist mirror,
reflection to ka.mew.Nhi.yen,
Chi.Knees at the Japanese to gog.Gull the Flight??

Off.Ten the counter is an Ice Cream silk,
Web.burrs and bar.Ba.Cue to compass a suit,
ties on the nape is the quilt of a stitch,
therefore My Grandmother taught me to Sweep with taught.see on the Stable,
and that darn passed to whom would be a fast a field lilt,
the Floor for Angelica to steady her Head.deed stammer,
while Holding in Gentle sheet the Explanation stand,
her Mother with her Father on the Crib.

Each Mall on the runner gave question to those Parents,
I explained that to allow the jump was good for the Bell la,
stretching at the Fright to overcome The Freeze,
what is an ice cream headache should the work a.gree.ja.Da??,
is it the soap or that Fruit basque.It on Cheque??
should the transfer bark a ruff as the Men.a.Stir said masque.Ta??

Opera with a drummer as the fear is nigh the slight,
Hoover as Roosevelt did say its just a sell,
for Wii will Overcome was sung on San Francisco stares,
at what is the overload should moss,cone.knee no the Bares??,
would the Haul.Way chorus or face.sing at a Chills,
swan on that is Occam's Fact as this is for the Tale of Monterey.

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