Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Allow Me To Introduce Myself To The Wells Fargo In Tiburon/Belvedere California Ask My Name Before You Tell Me I Live In A Caught.Edge!!~!

On July 27th 2016 I was asked that I lived in The Cottage,
an odd shield at the bank of just showing a penny worry at the swallow of a child today,
the fact that I had to tell the bank don't know 'cause I recognized not one person,
that the penny had been and just at that moment the Woman picked that penny apart with her nail,
the penny did not flex but peeled in the hands of a real bank managers hands,
the shock of her tell.lure was to immediately drop that coin back on the counter and walk a way,
this is the when I was asked did I live in the cottage.

On course I announced the owners of the property,
to be clear to that rude bank manager of a crew I never did be speak,
the silence of the behind the counter was so uncomfortable,
I felt as I was in a foreign country that Russia was the ewe SS are in a language that got stranger!!

I took to the story of I as a kid and how the guy on my birth certificate did a stand,
for I had swallowed a coin at a very young age,
in fact before the days of Hugh Meakin.

The fee.lean of that was so strange that that Woman walked the plank of that Bank Floor ride again,
in fax the simple print of that Womans face was filled with such a scale that I felt leveled,
than on the say that I was born and San Francisco had a Mint,
is it possible for her to at least call that Mint and say that this penny was not wise to a child and a belly,
she role`d her disgust again and saying that there was not a special on concern she would steer,
so than at that I had two other pennies to show that the first penny had not been altered by a spill,
I even had my One Dollar 1965 Coin and to Half Dollars to show that I have been collecting coins for years,
since I was a kid I have had a Coin Collection of books and than Hugh Meakin did a Chap.Tour,
that Stamp Collection to the Ant Farm in the learn of how things do Mail Order to the Homes of crave.

At that point in a story to now at 2:00 AM I work to attempt to explain that that penny was a state of wait to kids,
that no drop of anything would excuse the tummy on digestion to the Ed Placek, Jr. that simple EKP would due,
search through all the movements until the coin I had swallowed showed the shiny talk that went all the way,
that day in the avenue of the bank yesterday was not in.Fir.duh,
that was a given to the License Plate of a bigger spank to the drive to McDonalds for Willy was on my mind.

Reminding 7-11 that the Coins in the Register need to be held gently as they will disappear to specks of method,
that is the not shock on that Womans face on the fact that that penny would be not more than the flecks of crumbs,
once a coin once a count once a spend ability and than the dissolve of did not exist,
that penny would not ever be recognizable ever.

As yesterday the day of the 27th of July Two Thousand Sixteen I again put to the work of who is Wares,
Rambo had been about but the Cars were in the lei,
at that I put to the office as I know the talk of children to that third guy seen,
equal to the worry of the where that Woman said she was from New Zealand via an English Passport I said,
please call and tell any persons with kids that the bank did not call measure of the worry of the swallowing of a coin,
as again I told the story as a kid to show the other Coins as to not look strange but in regard to Hugh Meakin and thorough with that teach,
at that the map of regard went to Alaska,
a truly chill.lean experience as the chart lead back to the Cats,
for Lobos stared at Rambo and Cheshire just held till the door was gone and left for oh.pen to now I say this Tier.

On that is the calm of so many people at the garage of my mechanic's lot,
that the bank walked an old to the back of the still as stranger than the stagger of Cheers!!,
yet on that Susan Sarandon did a bigger veer as I did not know that Delegates are Actors from Hollywood,
that the movie The Witches of Eastwick is a Religious throw from the Church of Films on a Lear??,
owe for the Pen And The Stow to show that Rights can be to Left Feat in a Call.Ledge of good I am glad that the Planned,
said to the done at the special be strong for who would really believe,
that while I was out and about with a note that the entire belief would go Strongs.

Hugh Meakin did faith??,
no he recorded and that machine in the brochure road a long,
so on that diction to dg and the books a chapter from books to be of the Carbon Copy that knows My Grandparents,
for on that in the Name of the Personal taken Desta would say to the Mary of Marge that Kaiser is but a big Tong,
the Parking Lot had a Maypole be Wrong??,
the Thrift Store in The Building of The Big Room be Kong.

Rachel Reubendid know that San Francisco State University was a lecture hall on the Employed by that School,
as nobody ever believes I with less Rachel Reuben a Professor in the Teach of this desk,
no dust jacket shook as the Six Day War knows a Rook not a Bishop or Queen would be Mist,
there on the board off the cuff of now sit.deed I license to Numbers of the headlamp of for by Four,
as my children Rebecca, Kathleen, Johno And Lauren will sing as I Too,
the bigger be trait of the roof of the car is never been a convertible that rein would say What??,
so that open be Show to the Alaska Jim on the Radio Station of Tony in Tahoe,
did Roseberg do Poland and Germany Russia to Tiburon saying the DNC is more Plate??,
in my opera of Trumpet to the seals of brass a Harp did join in and Sharesten be Den,
as once down the Kelsey to speech of a Job the fracture of working it out is be Clyde!!!

The Returns of One Penny to a Hamburger today,
the done bar to cost of the price of a pen the shake and the seek to find a big brand,
symphony sorted by music sheets Bach Mozart Leonardo and Tesla by date,
the hovercraft of Sarandon on that Movies by films,
what are the edits of the clips on the floor,
so did Science go DISH to the making of Theater,
does the Actress say Hear.Rows are Fast.tour than clears,
the Wall Street be Soy Trades at the Nickel Syn stunned,
or is the nigh apron the wax pay per fiers.

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