Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Aye Wonder Is It Man^Knee That Susan Sarandon Was Tape.Ping The Language To Burr.Knee With . . . . .

People full to the brim,
hot error ball Loon to that Spinning wheels boon,
a crane in that is what is a roof,
it shows a sign to ole dug trace,
opinion on that elbow room,
the gaslighting of what whom did trued!!

One dip to the Painters stance,
an Opera that the Music shade,
valence for the curtain call??

Well in the depth of Japenese,
San Francisco has its Seed,
sourdough is 10th Clement,
on Balboa of 815,
the address is cent tents Max??,
no that its the peeps today,
marshmallow Bill Graham lead by the bands and audience,
to determine watts a voiced.

Now on that Time of Ages show,
the church the pew and lots of toy,
flush that pay per cups of stood,
all the way to knowing pud.

Jello is the song of sew,
silks and threads too needle hood??

Heave these words to that big cent,
penny why's and likes that lax,
dye jest shin than just know of real,
nature has a bird to choice,
fly the direct to spell this boot,
up the desk to stand or stoop.

Definition is a Chirp,
between that is the Singer wild??,
it is the fact that mark is go??,
know that cars are verses girls and loy!!

Skit.Tolls bridge to Card at Deck,
the hand of salt to Wares that tell,
does the open doors make chill,
a cold and compass cats and bells.

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