Monday, August 1, 2016

Aitch Too Whoa The Bye Is In The On-Air Sew Didst The In Duh Penned Cents That Eh Declare^Rate^Shin Grid The Guy`d. . ...

Land bing to that ground did as that lead said to May sure to Tom,
the Khan.Stew.To.Shin make the ready of the Stoop,
to that is the Onward Forward to that Desk on the Sphere in the Present,
gift tap!!

Over Universe to the Left itis on the write.stung on the be.Toll,
in the egypt paul lo,
free to that is the,
go to that thread just off the silk.kin maid,
a microphone is this cone!!

Grasp the Handel,
a salt.tee vest.meant touch.chin with love to the list in that thermal warmth,
its hugs come.Mean from Too!!

Vetch is the Big Form^Mal!!,
trust that measure not not as the rule.lure of Thumb,
Carriage is a Harness of the Word,duh so be that Free.RAD.duh.Coal??,
know that the trick to the trait is to be From not to the ground laud,
width of Homer is in the ill.lee.add,
mathematics faster fast.tour to that is the berth of harbor on that orderly peer,
keep to the steel of the shield on the ear of shore as the vs is the fee.lean??,
kept by Con.Stew.too.Shun is the state of Being under.Stood to the placard,
a license of the ant.tea is knowing of the leaves,
be like a tree and that is the kettle on the Beal.

Raw is the Top Per a Vase on the Paints its the Roll,
hear to bee and that is this spy.dure coming frost to ankle a bell,
its the liberty classic!!!

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