Friday, August 5, 2016

Defining Petrol As The Apron To People Whom Get High With The Aspect Of Knowing The Torture As They Invite The Their Spite In The Knowing Of The Conversation While Denying The Flight Of The Leave!!!

The passing of the song to that per pole saying,
what is it that people no longer see the fright,
as that is terrible to see and the fact that every person has a cellphone,
eyes are just on screens.

Sadly this puts every other person in the direction of danger,
as it seems that drivers are busy texting,
people are not paying attention to the simply things,
the fear in peoples eyes that are older and are just scared!!

Asking the particular person that is on the road five days a week,
are people acting weird,
the response was yes and the belief was or that person said it might be the Weather.

I agreed on the thought but the spelling of that word is true,
it is whether or not people see you as they change lanes on the freeway,
do people realize they are tailgating like when I used to see them putting make-up on,
it used to be their eyes were indeed up however it was the rearview mirror on their mind,
placing that reflection not on whom is behind them,
this was a big thing back in the day of a bad idea.

Now people have their heads down on cellphones,
worse they are writing sync to thinking words to work that cent on a sail of send,
meaning that instead of looking good they are more into the laughter of the joke,
the meanness of that cruel text they are about to drop in as that bing ding you have a call!!

Sadly the latter is the worse as that makes their mind never on the road,
just the rage of what can be said,
or the joke that is in the means of what they are going to write in an instant pen,
each operation to that is those people are not seeing what is where,
therefore like the 'Pokemon Go' game it is imaginary mappers that are grabbing a visible disappear.

Capturing the Snapshot to the blink of a Lens that sees while knowing that text Tile.lean,
the environment has brought what will or has brought people to walking off into danger??,
who really knows other that each night on the News you hear another portion of horror,
what will be is and what is will be,
for the regard for fear at full force method is to understand a simple trend of said people,
gaslighting the sound to terrorize the shores to cause fright or freeze,
these are the dangerous situations that make traffic on foot or behind the wheel of a car tread??

Why does the it look like jam,
it must be the tell to how that goes to the corkscrew,
its all bogged down.

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