Friday, August 5, 2016

Jeff^For^Syn Air^Plain At Not Outside Lands Rather The Steady By The Eddy At Gold^den Gate One Hit Won^Dure?? Know The Park NOW Is Location Located @ the Cool^lure Tracks Found Nero Playing The V^Yo^la To Pt. Polo Fields E!^Race^Sure Of The Dumb^Messed Peep^Pule Too Draw^On??: wow so far from hip^pea hill its a Flashback in an Instant foe^toe^graph For the Mimic's like Tom Cruise!!!!

This Country the U.S.A. is falling apart not at the hems but straight up done,
its got mailing issue's from the Internet being hacked and mimic's sending look-a-like tilts??,
its like the on-line video streaming of people just saying,
'well look its right there on film',
you say to yourself I don't think so,
at least thats what I do.

LOOK! bill grey^hymn presents at Outside Lands NOW?? Opening Day 8/5/2016!!!

As I have seen in the past week the weirdest behavior,
a car a day the cycle and the clay,
motorcycle gear to skirts and cheers,
all along with being told that my country is shite,
at the same is the dumb bub look of I'm stupid??,
as if there is all this stuff happening and I have no clue.

See if you can Know who's Who this Year 2016 all from Circa 1967: Sew Watts!!

Just to those that empty the pockets of banks and quilts,
a video on the stream and that accusation lawn is not the evidence of anything other than a lean,
by gaining in a quick popular opinion of showing what just looks like but in truth we don't know,
unless you are present for each and every footprint and without prompt can put to license each event,
that is the difference between people with their eyes on a screen,
ankles walking while nodding their heads and playing with a phone!!

With the way that things are I would be ready to say that this Country is be lathed,
a shingle from the shoe to that lace of the vocal,
than the lyrics just sings to the pay,
call.lure once a pile as I have experienced stranger,
a person thinking I was someone else and promptly ran to bump,
I turned as the Man I with AAA for the Cue,
even his shock was what was that and I said note to ball!!

In an instant the fathom of what this person of this grand,
I know that oh my boob popped out is ever on that blow,
written with guilt from her shoveling blast I just said excuse me,
than that bean dissappeared so skit and what do you believe did happen,
she just keeps it up and weirder still is I seem to run into it though,
I am either just held to circumstance of witness to the flow,
or its the bigger Matrix of the happenstance on that day jaw view of go,
round that is the fact that person puts her face to phone,
like the map is on the peep of camera people on the lane!!

written 9:28 PM
8/4/2016 because I am bugged by something that continues to take place: google knows that I have called the proper on the done and I know that google will find the place to tie this strange as I am not sure what or how to go about saying that people are acting very wrong. signed my me K.A.P.

Today I now know what was bugging me Yesterday,
the fee.lean on my reality for reel.lies.duh,
oh spill.....

Pictures of Hippies in Haight Ashbury, San Francisco in 1967

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