Friday, August 5, 2016

The Fill^More With A Bit From That Three-day Eventer Called The Ash^bare^Read!!!

Now the E!.Vac.^Cue^Eh^Shin is that result off the Sleeves,
only the good dye young??,
why doesn't Mike Mibach do another story of the Hare.row.Win add^dick and what you have channel Who,
that street to the Streets of San Francisco while whom gets the chute,
the be keen and you're at Outside Lands the Year of Peat.Tour Ki.Yo.Tee??

Mark Shell at the pump of tread for I am the after Noon??,
I am unfamiliar with all those dirty feet that the Haight said its grow.EAN!!

10th and Clement,
the base is the now shop of I am going to the Safeway Bakery as nobody is anymore,
my friends are dead and the rest are gone,
hold.ding steady as the silent scream outside the body of what is a chump??,
the people that can't take a hint??,
or the as-chucks just chip off the ole block to say jet blue??

Hi owe Silver,
the SFPD for that was the Carriage of my How,
knot that to stay on board the road will be long and the tack is at see,
be the strength of balance Collection and be of the Steed,
for the bought.tum of the bell.lo is as quiet as back in the day,
its a lead change on the dressage??,
its all the same,
left behind for the real Politics??,
know its a party for the Pat Dyas and His Clan.duh.