Monday, August 1, 2016

I Bet You Did Not Know That The Arts Have The Tools And The Shops That Would And Are Able To Say Which Craft Brush Is Best To Use When Painting Face^Is Is Mainline National News To State The Cents To Day!!

The simple education for the National Geographic for KIDs this day August 1st the year 2016,
the time is 8:08 PM on my computer while it is an acer and that is its identification to micro.soft works,
the on this conversation is for your KGO peep.poles choice to the conversation listeners,
as Alan Colmes is on the Internet Connection and George Noory does the Night,
it is to the brass trumpets that a symphony will Opera.

Arts & Crafts,
My Mother loved the Student League and that took to the Law an Understanding of the System,
these best of shows that Artwork came was not a museum rather the incredible work of the San Francisco Public Schools,
as My Mother did these most amazing introductions I will follow with a cup of tea,
the Lucky Strike was a Club at the Top of the Mark,
however it is known that both locations are in the city of my birth.

Now as the Susan Sarandon does her share to teach the Tubbed,
this is to her People's Choice Awards on the Oscars at the stage of reality to Venue,
it is simple it is true its a compass mostly for you,
the seen is as you were in history at the class of college??,
no its religion its worse its the words or its the thirst,
for which craft of who do is the viable for the time to say to public does it sign.

So you know that all the case to study Trireme is the oars of ole and chimed,
throughout the Historical Artifacts should people chose to Treasure,
is the United States of America that many precious gems are Jewels from the Nigh.old,
therefore the computer to the enter.Sect.shin is as the Media delivers light,
harness the pause with what is word that know that which is honest stow,
is it the salad mixed with beets and lettuce or vegetable rich,
should the bowl be filled with beans is it macraroni now,
the drummer boy and that flute is so tell that Boston sights,
what is the lamp of riding dusk should the ships be in the bust??

Your decision to comprehend that spelling is a simple pen,
that ink that is the color of what is the crayons on the fudge,
is it sow or sound did out than what is the ready route,
fasting or is it signed my communion on the dimed??

KGO Radio Armstrong and Getty are on-air at the regular scheduled air time,
check your local Tee 'V' Guide and now the Hi.Oh Silver Clyde's to this simple spout,
spring in seasons Wares of crab Dungeon.EST and bass.kit Dads,
the avenue is filed clue what is the search to google clue,
chutes & ladders.