Monday, August 1, 2016

Mon^Day Mon^Day How Sweet IT Is To Sing Tissue From Shoo To Slough!!

Wednesday the August 3rd to the phone to sure the Steer,
as the day of garden known the fact that dumpstirs are a round,
that is the double down to state that a Month does have a plate,
the receipt is width the Scene to those trees of Tum-Tum-Tum!!

Were Ship.Ping a great be Slate that Outlines more's code to lathe,
the shattered sunroof of the stock gave rise to witness Tools at Stopped,
than the first at seconds list third is Wares in ole Creamed Chains,
jig a deed jog the Work of green makes a business card to Bean,
the Mill of lumber that Computer Shade,
who is while the Page goes Lei,


Is per.Miss.shin have a Cold with whom did languish on a Bill,
is that Office with the Porch a Screen to Swing in on the Twitch,
should the chills make big black cat an upset ringer for the back??

Rambo Cheshire Lobos Creek in the fathom of a Trunk,
first the looks and walks a dumb than the rat that fell with come,
a distant stall to whats a Fox,
coyote jesper demonic tracks,
for at the truth of 666 a berth to whats a stick,
keys to Falls Niagara show??,
in that boardwalk on the Co.??

Doors oh^pen than the Gate is in a roundabout whats a trait,
code in remote to Wares that baste,
salve and loads to cork a played at the box is in the hall,
echo an.a.Malls that Scout or Cheer??,
should the skunk Bandit slow does the language bring a glow,
lights on lights Off yet never say that a bank is ole grand paid,
con^crete is the Greek be sleigh??

Airplanes flight of Dock.ITs grace Newspaper was than went to stumped,
is the neigh.bore Heave a tone,
what is your name knee.knaw spake to wheel virtue or clean a sake,
how is call should meet look pane with leaves inside the harnesses lard??,
foremost cobweb spiders bay on the bumper in that sight,
should the seat just pleat a jack in the lighter whats a bead,
strange to clam the chowder Crab ask an Oyster its a Date,
pet the dog and ignore the strum for the music lyrics dumbed.

My Mother had a Goods in Stow,
the learn of International fill to teach the understanding Clear touching accent with a Tier,
practically on My Mother why from the to its what a spay??,
no My Mother taught.see spoke with determined for the fulled,
day in school diplomacy,
than the dinner at the feed grained more than this note to pew,
there on that know.straw.Dom.Mist dew Mountain bell.e! for the Steed,
 dressage is Test.Sting??,
no its whats a trace high clip in winter deem??,
is it from or for the barn at the pasture or the song,
as a full body fact to be Hunter/Jumpers three-day now.

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