Friday, August 26, 2016

The Shale Of Sand Must Be Cliff Notes To Ground Earth In Eclectic Thunder While Lighting Such Reasons That Life Is The Shores Of Waves On The Sees Kenned!!!!!

Odd a see at the Worlds hinge to be of vigor minus the real eyes of Hello,
these process a schedule of such farms that milking seams an owl to feather,
each product of revolution is of at the floor on whom is have a nice day??,
seeds to frost glaciers to slides the best of seen is people whom would avenue a piece not steeping.

Trips to Fashion addressed while society charges a foot for the pace,
as 1965 April 29th is my birth to know of the Wood Snake,
I challenge not to thorough on the being myself in a state of being.

I love the sphere of dynamics that have delivered such themes,
not a kick in my brain to skeet my ass as the bed of bunks to orphan a Trap,
harnessed to discipline Order and knowing that it is strange that people have gossiped to Smack,
however the choice of the fax is individual to pears as every apple in a bare.role is subject to tack.

From far to the mirror the seat of balance is just a collection of practice and brings,
further on Thought is logical beams coming with certain attractable philosophy it smiles my lean,
for I in a life of wonder and have experienced the fleecing of more than I tell,
my find is the steady on the writes in a place that provides for I a beautiful time,
expression envelopes how fortunate days raise answers with quests to see oceans not graves.

For the shipping of building a construction of truth in habit provides structure not fines,
as the draw of words connection to verbs makes simply complex a chart not a plane,
how different I piece deep subjects to plates for bits of license to being of taught,
grace to the music of such wells that with single breadth I sway to Key know^oats,
as the wind in a dial the breeze saying posture of shoulders sew gentle that ever is pen fold!!!

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