Thursday, September 22, 2016

Bob More Ran!!!!!!!

Trail conversation to the tiers of the spelling it as communication bare's to compassing trues,
for in this World the Situation Room of a Solar Systems charred the Sync of Voices in the Boom,
may all that casual these lives as ordinary the rift will be Time,
in the Ages the songs will honor your horror to the Oceans revealing,
for it is the ships that gave rise to waves that know the lift as just and true to shores off land,
the bell lo wean of sand that is not covered as the Moon,
it is the suns detail to the fragment, light!!!!

Shiver to chills as the Glacier moves,
with delight and guide it graves to swift as the slides grace the sound in memory chord,
oh the lyrics of Ancient remind I to say to the Civilized to grasp language to crave,
in each portion of the mouth a simple state to not bite your tongue,
as that is the strongest muscle known to body and frame.

Built by the Industry of a persons Song,
it is the vernacular that impression of how a stone is nigh the skip to strap the whipping cries,
in distance these echo to tons.

Tunnel is the example of such,
a horn to toot or barrel the saxophone a flute,
cello or the Viola with that bow of singing the music sheets,
a piano with the bench sits silent with a scroll to be that measure of last longed flight of text to spoke or speak a slight,
should the virtue show to that known in a real than dismiss the orchestra or sealed,
than the bust is the statute that filed while it sprang,
one for the Master and to from the craned!!!!

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