Thursday, September 22, 2016

What is in light in meant?

Rye eye up the Sound,
a straight fare row to the price of shored,
at sand to grain as the clam spanned muscle to reach a diamond perk,
pearls songs strong each string of clover as the sway of the oats be leaf!!

Air is not the Oxygen branch of the Trees floor ride,
as the forest for the grove grew to burl,
is the rings of Ages recorded as the glacier Foils??

Sank within in deep grooves smiled,
that wrinkle in Wares the Redwood pailed,
from depth to growth a birch must grin,
ask that of the freeze and math would gain a Gin!!!!!

Drink thirst talk the Elephant mile,
thunder grave to lights of Filed,
though the Wind staffed a Twister to spoke,
it is the turns that rise a loaf.

Bread to that is what on Wheat,
the hull of gather or the bale of modesty,
fed to cattle yet grains to seed,
rice gave whom the water greed??

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