Thursday, September 22, 2016

Crick^Kit, Or, Baseball, Football, Or, Soccer, Punting, Or, A.) Stuck In The Mud??

The factor on the Rib,
Bill of Stature is that A Fair,
does all O'Reilly counter Front,
the fringe off a lumber^Ring,
to saw is touch the floor ride,
a saddle to a seat that speaks a route,
it is the rolling eyes,
the character of what is a shout.

Tiers fall to shedding Pi,
addition to speak a spoke of wheeling slight special insults,
the mist stir read,
owe for the grant of thanks to prepare for that pizza plaza's branch!!!!!

Dial the Numbers as the Caller is answering a Stall,
each Fireman that knows Breadth,
 the fund on the corner in the bricks,
a building from to explain,
that style of what is a hydrant,
started by a person whom had a venture to a sight,
ouch sheild as my is only the part in The Continue!!!!!

Left by circumspect to every street in the City,
yoga now the fill-in of where Men made magic Cake the diet of muffins and Burl,
cable to car that commute,
the highways so full-Up that a status of country in puts the death by dead lied!!!

What happened to the Frisco 5 that banked the Station a lunch stands Lathe,
than marched to City Hall and raised the hands of harbor to scream all are read,
did the persons that did such movement shit or piss the pants of Time,
does the Ages clue to much more than the loss of Suhr??

Well I product its a set-up Prejudice to straight the hate made revolution died,
a yelling mass of people and their bed,
like that country of infection climbed into the city lights and rose a brae,
to bright the blinking harness with nothing more than saddlery,
yet to that shove of dig the neigh ole,
I'll just know that its a Play-Yen,
telling that Pak that Freeze is the Card to China Town and Tau!!!!!!