Tuesday, September 20, 2016

On-air The Radio Just Said To Say Clark?? Or, We Need You Dave Clark As Wise Is The Man That Said In A Land Everyone Is Starting To Look 'A' like?? What's Hitch hiking on this should this be an actual Script in the write to the editor at-large whom knows the Radio is a transistor today??

I love Frank Mallicoat as Frank Somerville works all his shifts or, is the SFPD the copyright photograph signature piece that makes the Officer's Sears??

Know, its like a credit card once a debit card?? No, fact is fact, should a person give a credit card to you to use at the local Hardware Store to purchase a repair or is it pay for the work of the service at a care, and I sign the receipt than I must sign my name on the receipt not the name on the credit card that I have been give permission to use to pay for the receipt of the Goods of purchased. Therefrom a call to oblivion, per se, would in deed make a stolen credit card up to the avenue of how that voice could be any on sacked, and, would tight-wrap no signature to the register of the stores accounting as a coupon at the end of the day when the drawer must be counted out?? So, is the 'video or the surveillance units inside and outside the store for security of the building and its staff than the evidence to provide the question of only one day of bath??

Margie at the Theater (should she still be an employee of the Regal Natomas Markeplace best movie house in Sacramento [by the way its right next to Jamba Juice and has the coolest fountain that makes this even weirder now that I think about it, oh well this is brackets in the  parenthesis and nobody will read it as I am rambling on for purpose of clarity not clear-it-teed] as it was such a tangle relief when those rolling blackouts hit our stores)  http://www.regmovies.com/theatres/theatre-folder/Regal-Natomas-Marketplace-Stadium-16-RPX-1547 at Truxel https://www.google.com/search?q=Truxel&oq=Truxel&aqs=chrome..69i57&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 whom is also one of the Managers of the Office for I in the fame, at least that is how I considered her wonder be Fame.

A ticket provider or, ticket box office or, ticket guy that is blind to the customer of the visitor to where a Movie may be watched can in fact say to the Ticket taker that what is Whom to that seat chart on the Movie House. There sort is as dialing the Popcorn Stand is a line in the Candyland,

that my grandmother Nana said that games are for us at her house of a Man??  No, she would giggle her serious for the moment between, for Melinda and Roman said it was I in the Means of a game that did like the Chutes & Ladders to same.

Monopoly is not not San Francisco, as being born and raised in the city a version does never bring dues, for that is the streets to the street without need for the name, as the direction of drive is the traffic?? No, it is the ability to realize the bog, I mean Sal, Castaneda that is!!!!.... and in simply complex Nana taught those grains of salt to the sand in their shoes, as Melinda and Roman actually really did get mean??  Well that is opinion, no, it was occasion driven as Melinda was the memoires to Uncle Richard and memoires hib been. Roman had Rick but at that dismissal their Ross by the sticked plugged a known as an Irish be plain.

This is what to whom but I in a known, as Margie was a stickler to those coupons and the stern method of reliability ended up mading Ryan understand that bank tellers land a fantastic today, for memory clay with just a single typed say: 'What is the scene, and, where is your man'.  Thereby Margie must be loved and Nakia makes Scanlon the day of the reason that birthdays still chortle my sides. Now, on this plate of a post from breakfast_in_america, what is a meal as the lunch and the Field??